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Single, Multiple or Unlimited Job Postings

Our clients can acquire 3 types of job postings:

  • Single - post just one job on the website
  • Multiple – post jobs using a set number of job posting credits
  • Unlimited – post an unlimited number of jobs for 3, 6 or 12 months

Geo Application Tool

Our revolutionary Geo Application Tool is unique to the job site market. Not only can you specify a required country of residence and nationality for your applications, you can also determine (by IP address) the actual location that you want to receive applications from. 

Click to enlarge image of Geo App:

Depending upon the parameters that you set for each job posting, you will only receive relevant applications to your inbox. These applications will also be shown in your “hot” list in the job account history. The other less relevant applications will appear in a “cold” list. 

Click to enlarge image of hot and cold lists:

Our job posting system is flexible and allows you to receive applications via email or we can direct applicants to your own job pages.

Click to enlarge image of application types:

If you use these options when posting a job it will ensure that you receive only relevant applications.


We are integrated with the following multiple job posting providers and can integrate with your own recruitment software, if required.

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